Odds are you’ve never seen the Swedish Version of Camel Snus. Camel Snus Winterchill wintergreen flavor and consequently my review was born from a good deed. A friend ran out of Swedish snus so I gave him my last can of Thunder Wintergreen. I missed my wintergreen, remembered Camel Snus and bought a tin. The [...]

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    Skruf Slim Nordic White is Skruf’s version of long portion snus. It is licorice flavored snus but is not overpowering licorice. Its has a fine tobacco taste that is clearly noticeable. However, its crisp licorice overtone adds to but does not dominate the overall flavor. It uses a medium size long pouch that’s made of [...]

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    Thunder Blue Extra Strong is juniper and herbal flavored snus that some might consider a strong Göteborgs Rapé. Thunder blue is a medium original portion that has 15 mg nicotine per pouch and 16 mg/g, and has 23 g snus in each can. The average package weight and nicotine all medium pouch Swedish snus is [...]

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    Nick And Johnny Crushed Ice Extra Strong is a semi-sweet balsamic mint flavored snus in a medium original pouch. It has 15 mg nicotine per pouch and 14 mg/g. Its taste is reminiscent of a blend of peppermint, spearmint and just a little sweetness. I find Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice a nice fresh tasting [...]

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    Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose has a very powerful lasting spearmint aroma and taste. It has mighty strong spearmint flavor and also 16 mg/g nicotine. You may have tried spearmint flavored snus before that had a slight flavor. Don’t confuse any of those with this one. This puppy is spearmint flavored snus to the maximum [...]

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    Odens Extra Strong Licorice flavored snus comes in a medium portion pouch and has 15 mg nicotine in each portion, and 17 mg/g. It’s liquorice is clear but not overpowering moreover it uses a premium blend of tobacco to create nice balanced snus flavors. The average nicotine for all medium portion Swedish is 12.6 mg/g [...]

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    Swedish Snus Sale Unbelievable Savings! Buy 1 roll of Oden’s and get 5 cans of free! • Buy 20 rolls, get 30 rolls, and stock your freezer for insane prices. • Any full roll of Oden’s and all varieties are on sale. • New customers from this site will get a 10% discount on their [...]

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    Flavored snus is Swedish snus which has a primary characterizing flavor other than tobacco. On this site you will find brands that match that definition. For example, many brands are flavored with a small amount of liquorice or aniseed but their taste is not primary and won’t be included. Currently, these flavors have been identified [...]

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    Offroad Coffee Supreme is a very tasty coffee flavored snus. Most snusers I have talked to really like Offroad Coffee Supreme and so do I. V2 used to produce a Thunder Coffee Supreme that rivaled their Offroad version. Since it is no longer made this snus wins the coffee flavored snus award. There are regular [...]

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    10 Can Roll Sale! We have tons of rolls of snus for 50% off, massive amounts for 40% off and anything left is 10% off. Most Swedish Match snus is 50% off plus some V2 Tobacco and GN Tobacco. Whole rolls of General Portion are going for $21.95 USD. Ten can rolls of Ettan Portion [...]

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